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  1. Kite. I have two kites and live near Kokkola. I am interested in Ohtakari. Is there a group that kite’s there? I am a novice kite skier/boarder. I would prefer to kite when other’s are around to improve, learn and for safety.

    Ohtakari looks to be a perfect place.

    Please advise.



    1. Hi Mark! there are some facebook groups, Kiteboarding Vaasa: is the best group in the area. There is also Kiteboarding Finland: In the Vaasa group you can check where others are going and ask for company! Lohtaja is the best place to learn, not Ohtakari. Ohtakari is small and has a lot of stones. Instead, when in Lohtaja village, choose the road that turns to the sea right at the church, and follow the road to the end. South to north winds works there. Hope to see you on the water :)

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